Telford Wellbeing Service News

We have new courses for Low Mood and Worry starting in September - call us on 01952 457415 if you'd like to take part.

It’s not what we always want to hear, but it’s true. Exercise has a huge affect on our mental wellbeing. But that doesn’t mean you have to sign up to a marathon. Read our new blog on how exercise can make a difference.

Rebecca and Grace will be providing an Emotional Wellbeing Session for the Tinnitus Support Group run by Signal. It will take place on Wednesday 6th September at 2.30pm, at CAB Tan Bank, Wellington. Hope to see you there!

Ask people which season is the worst for mental health, and most will tell you winter. But the summer-time can also be difficult for many people. The heat and humidity can make us not want to do anything, the cost of entertaining the kids whilst off school can mount up, and all of a sudden the long summer days become less restful, more stressful. Here are our 5 top tips to help you cope.

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