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Our Team Lead, Lucy Cotterill, was recently interviewed on on BBC Radio Shropshire. She discussed work-related stress and five ways to wellbeing with Jim Hawkins.

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World Mental Health Day falls on the 10th October every year, and this year the theme is Managing Mental Health in the Workplace. Workplaces are being encouraged to look after their staff’s mental wellbeing and talk openly about mental health with employees. For individuals, there is a focus on the value that people with mental health difficulties provide for the economy, and on raising awareness on the stigma surrounding mental illness.

The World Federation for Mental Health estimates that 1 in 5 people in the workplace experience a mental health condition. We all have mental health, and a stressful working environment, little support, and long hours, can all contribute to us becoming mentally unwell. So what can you do to support your employees or your colleagues, and how can we protect our own mental health?

Here at the Wellbeing Service, one of our colleagues takes the role of a Staff Wellbeing lead. Below are Bally’s tips for supporting a mentally well workforce:

If you haven’t already got it in your diary, the clocks go back this weekend. Whilst a lot of us will be celebrating the extra hour in bed (hurray!), for some it signals the beginning of SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder.

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